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    JP2850EL-UK Recycled E Leather Luggage Tag

    Print type and position

    Front: 37(w) x 95(h)

    Front: 37(w) x 95(h)

    Foil Blocked
    Front: 37(w) x 95(h)

    Front: 37(w) x 95(h)

    All dimensions are in millimetres


    Black, Green, Grey, Ivory, Lilac, Navy, Red, Teal


    67mm(w) x 125mm(h)

    E Leather Luggage Tag with security Flap and printed address cardfinished in E Leather made from recycled leather wastebonded with water pressure to form a soft embossable leather material with a soft waxy feel. A environmentally friendlyrecycled material made in the UK for a low carbon footprint. Choice of 8 colours.

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